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“Dr. Gannon of Glass Ceiling Christian Counseling and Daddy’s Love Ministries provided a two day assessment for my wife and me a couple years ago. Through this process we explored aspects of our own values, personality and identity. We worked to align how these core drivers impact who we are as a couple and how to better understand each other. It was a breakthrough experience for both of us. Dr. Gannon has a unique gift and a clear sense of purpose to use this gifting.”

Denny and Allyson Weinberg


“I am writing this as a testimony of how Dr. Gannon’s sessions with my husband and I were foundational in the healing process. To begin with, Dr. Gannon aided us in realizing that my husbands’ over 20 year addiction was related to both generational curses and issues rooted in abuse and rejection. He facilitated sessions where we renounced these things in our lives and in the lives of our family. Additionally, he was always a listening ear for me during what I consider to be the most difficult time of my life and that was discovering that the man I married had this issue that was hidden from me for so long. The Word of God tells us that some may plant, some may water, but God is the one who gives the increase. Dr. Gannon both planted and watered the Word of God, forgiveness, understanding, and peace within us and we praise God for a mighty increase in our lives.”



“Together my husband and I have seen over six therapists in the past three years, yet we continued to come against each other because of our individual issues. It seemed like we would continue to be on a cycle of crazy with the same arguments over and over again. Nothing was changing until our session with Dr. Gannon.

Dr. Gannon approached us in a way that was non-judgmental. We felt comfortable enough to be honest without feeling like he would look down on my husband or I for things that we might have done or said. Dr. Gannon helped us understand why we act the way we do towards each other. He took us back to when we picked up some of our bad habits and taught us how to stop going back to our crazy cycle. Since our session with Dr. Gannon, our marriage has become much stronger. Dr. Gannon helped to restore our hope in our marriage and find healing from the past arguments and hurts that we caused each other. He has helped us find the path to our happily ever after.

We strongly recommend Dr. Gannon to anyone that has lost hope in their marriage–or in themselves—and to anyone that has tried it all and felt like they have nothing else to give. He helped us to find the tools to communicate to each other instead of at each other. We are so grateful for the help that we received from him, and we know that anyone who has the opportunity to receive counsel from him will feel the same way.”

John and Anna Duke


“I first met Michael Gannon when I was a teenager in high school. He was my youth pastor, and a fantastic one at that. From that point on, I never forgot the guidance and love that he bestowed upon my life.

When I found myself in a pit of despair, I knew that in order to make it out alive I needed some serious help. I had been diagnosed with depression and general anxiety including agoraphobia. It was so bad that I couldn’t work, eat, sleep, and every day activities were completely out of the question. Needless to say, I couldn’t function like a normal human being.

I tried to see psychologists and various doctors in my area, but all they ever offered me was prescriptions to several medications. They wouldn’t help me get to the root of why I was experiencing the thoughts and feelings I was having. They told me that I needed to get used to the fact that I would never be the same again; I should learn to live with it. That wasn’t good enough for me. The isolation I felt and the thoughts I had were taking me straight down a path of self-destruction. I needed help or I would have taken my own life. The visions of ending it all were so real, and, in desperation, my husband called Michael Gannon.

Michael Gannon came to my rescue right away. He patiently sat with me and helped me talk things out. He helped me address the fear and trauma I had held on to and guided me out of the anxiety by helping me to get to the root of the issues. He prayed with me, he cried with me, he was honest, and even shared his own experiences which helped me feel that I could open up about my experiences. He was amazing!

I’m so thankful for Michael Gannon. He is a wonderful, caring and generous man who puts the needs of others before his own. Without his help, I know that I would have ended my life and I’m grateful every day that he cared enough to counsel me. He truly helped me get onto the road of recovery. He pointed me in the right direction and continued to encourage me to become the best version of me that I could possibly be. Today, I am completely set free of anxiety and panic attacks. I owe a lot of that to God, of course, but also to Michael Gannon for being the vessel that helped me sail to freedom.”

Amanda Galarita


“Michael is an extremely gifted and compassionate counselor. The combination of his ability to listen to God and let God lead the sessions, his many years as a pastor, and his extensive knowledge of the healing process allows Michael the ability to minister to a client in a very effective way. After years of counseling and trying to overcome the effects of abuse, codependency and oppression on my own, the sessions with Michael have proven very effective. I am using the tools I now have in my toolbox to continue to live a life of freedom in Christ.


I have already recommended Michael to several of my dearest friends. I thank God for Michael’s willingness to be used by God to minister to broken and hurting people”

Pam Erickson

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