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Remove the Unseen Barrier

Glass Ceiling Christian Counseling is dedicated to helping you remove the unseen barrier that is prohibiting your advancement in life.

Dr. Michael Walsh Gannon, PhD, L.C.A.D.C., B.C.P.C.C., of Glass Ceiling Christian Counseling specializes in treating the root causes of whatever contributes to keeping you stuck. In essence, the focus is to enhance the natural healing process of getting you “unstuck” once you achieve freedom from your pain. Glass Ceiling Christian Counseling uses empathic and biblically-based counseling to achieve results.


It has been said that Dr. Michael Walsh Gannon, has a “laser red dot” ability to specifically pinpoint the root cause issue. Whether drug and alcohol addiction, pornography, divorce recovery, infidelity, adolescent issues, relationship issues or interpersonal dynamics, Glass Ceiling Christian Counseling possesses the necessary tools to help you break free of your past.

Dr. Gannon believes in the ability you have to heal. He believes that God is able. Whatever your need, God has the answer. God is the cure. There is an answer to your question. God has the key to unlock your destiny. Dr. Gannon just facilitates your journey, under God’s care and direction.



At Glass Ceiling Christian Counseling, I combine traditional therapeutic counseling methods with a Scripture-based approach to healing. I provide a variety of specialties that are sure to meet your needs. I welcome the opportunity to serve you. 



Behavioral Issues

Child or Adolescent

Chronic Relapse




Family Therapy


Men's & Women's Issues


Relationship Issues

Sexual Abuse


Stress Management

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